We can not overstate the power of people, and the power of leveraging a network. It is becoming more apparent in modern times that who you know is a lot more effective than what you know. We are not trying to downplay the value of knowledge, but simply trying to emphasize the value of networks. It is common knowledge that people will do business, and get jobs because of relationships and not because of qualifications. Many people might think this is unfair or perhaps bad practice but I think it simply highlights the value people put on relationships. There is a lot of value in being able to trust people and to know they are on your side. Sure you can hire someone who is extremely qualified, but do have the reassurance that he will be on your side long term or perhaps will take information from your firm and take it to do their own thing. Often times with networks of people you know someone that can vouch for a person or have a greater network to which this person can be accountable to. The real fact of the matter is that businesses are simply a collection of people, and a network of people is almost a business in itself. If you can corralĀ a large enough network of people you can start any business, assuming you have enough expertise between the group. If you don’t have enough expertise between the group to start something that’s technically demanding you could start a network marketing business and generate a lot of money for those involved assuming you continue to grow this network of people.

Many have mad fortunes with their network of followers on social media. Gary Vaynerchuk gives a lot of great examples and ways that people can leverage social networks and build huge followings that can eventually translate into great sums of cash. He also helps everyday people understand how they can use these platforms to increase their network in order to create leverage in their lives to become entrepreneurs or move higher up the ranks in their current corporation. People have never taken large groups of people lightly. Large groups of people are what are at the heart of gangs, fraternities, corporations, armies, nations, and anything that has demanded authority throughout history. With modern technologies it has become a lot easier to acquire and even mobilize these groups of people to get what you want. Whether it’s mobilizing people for a good cause, or reaching out for referrals to justify your cause.

As you navigate through life always remember the value of networks regardless of your personality. Making sure to have people that can vouch for you, or even support you in your efforts will prove to be more valuable than any education or piece of knowledge.